It is with great pleasure that I nominate Jane Doe for the ACE Award for the Palm Beach County School District. I have worked with Jane over the past two years as her principal here at Crystal Lakes Elementary. I have been enormously impressed by Jane’s passion for teaching, leadership skills, her community contributions, and her communication skills.

I have been into Jane’s classroom multiple times over the past two years to observe her work with students. Jane never gives up on her students no matter what their background is, or what difficult situation they may have come from. Jane’s classroom is always full of life, she is constantly having the student’s chant, sing, and get their hands into the curriculum that they are studying. To quote a student from her class, “Mrs. Doe makes learning fun.” Jane has taken students from home school, students with learning disabilities, and students who are learning English for the first time and has challenged them all. Every single student in her class has shown significant progress in the areas of reading and math, and has developed a love of learning while working towards this end.

Jane is not only a wonderful teacher and leader in her class, but also outside the classroom. She has been the team leader for our school-wide Positive Behavior Support program. Jane has led our staff team in creating a more positive environment at this school, and creating fun character-building programs. She is an expert at working with kids who are feeling marginalized, disconnected, and misbehaving in class. She also heads up our Behavior Assistance Team. This team works with teachers, students and parents to brainstorm ways to help students who are struggling in class. Jane’s creative solutions and constant care for kids help all students feel successful.

Jane not only works within her classroom, but also in the school community at large. Jane has helped to organize and implement a new Wednesday elective program at our school this year. In this program students are able to pick a class that they are interested in and take it with a teacher for eight weeks. Jane has created the schedule, organized the teachers, invited community members to participate, and taught a class herself within the program. Jane often attends parent meetings, and other community events that we have here at the school so that families can see her in a different light.

Jane has been able to be successful in all of the above areas in large part because she is a great communicator. Jane is able to break the content that she is teaching down into easily understandable chunks for her students. Jane has been known to have weekly meetings with parents in order to help them get their child back on track. Jane has even gone to the grocery store where one father worked after his phone had been disconnected and she wanted to talk to the father about how to better support his son at school. Jane is a contact advocate for our school and our district. She actively works to recruit great teachers to our staff and is constantly letting the community know how proud she is to work at our school.

For all of the above reasons I believe that Jane Doe is deserving of the ACE award for the 2007-2008 school year. Jane is a caring compassionate teacher who is dedicated to the success of all of her students. She is an instructional leader, a great communicator and a positive member of our community.


E. W. Jones

Edward W. Jones