Do I have to create a log-in account just to submit a nomination?

Yes, for a couple of reasons. First, we want to make sure we are able to thank you for participating in this year’s award process. Secondly, by creating an account, you can review and edit your submissions at a later time.

How can I save my work if I need to finish the nomination at a later time?

Simply click on the “Accept and Continue” button at the bottom of the screen. This will save your work and allow you to come back to it later.

How do I check my nomination after I’m done?

You will see your nominations when you log back into the nomination software. Simply click on the nominee’s name to view the nomination. You can click on the green hyperlink down the right hand side of the page to edit any portion of the nomination.

After nominations close, the nomination will be assigned to the selection committee, and no further edits can be made.

My session timed out and I lost my work! What happened?

As with many online software programs, if you let the program sit idle for 45 minutes or more, it will time out and any unsaved work will be lost. To avoid this problem, simply click on “Accept and Continue” at the bottom of the page occasionally during your session as you are working. Even if you’re not done, by doing so you will save your work and you can always come back to the nomination to finish it (at least up until the point that all nominations are due!).

How do I upload more than one electronic file for additional materials?

You can’t. You can submit more than one item as an attached electronic document, but all of your documents must be combined into one file. You can do this by scanning your document to a .pdf file or by cutting and pasting from multiple documents. If you have difficulty getting all of your additional documents into one file, contact the Eugene Area Chamber for assistance at 541-484-1314.

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